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About Coogans Credit Card

Whether it is to cover an unexpected car repair, support your child’s education, embark on a new hobby, or improve your home, our line of credit facility can be used across our ever-growing group of Tasmanian retail and service providers.

How Coogans Credit Works

Acting as a safety net, your line of credit will have a pre-approved credit limit, giving you the confidence to buy what you need, when you need it and only paying interest on the amount you spend.

You can access as much or as little of the approved amount you need across any of our preferred retailers and services, providing you maintain your minimum repayments every month.

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We make the process easy – make payments when it suits you!

Application Made Easy

Apply online or make an appointment to come into a branch and talk to one of our finance officers. Once approved you will know your credit limit, and will receive your Coogans credit card, you will then be ready to shop at any of our preferred suppliers.

How do I use my Coogans Credit Card?

Once your approved, you can use your credit facility with hundreds of retail and service providers around Tasmania, it’s as simple as presenting your Coogans Credit card and having your transaction applied to your Coogans Credit Account.  Your mobile phone will be used to validate your transaction.

Fast Approval

Once your application has been submitted, along with supporting documentation, you will get an answer quickly.  We are usually able to do this within the same business day!

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Coogans Credit Interest

Coogans Credit interest rates are between 19.9% and 25.9% depending on individual circumstances and your credit assessment.

*Interest free options may be available in conjunction with specific retailer promotions and only available on select and approved credit facilities.

Repayment Examples

Amount $1000    Monthly payment   $51
Amount $2000    Monthly payment   $102
Amount $5000    Monthly payment   $254

*These repayments are based on a line of credit at 19.9% interest and estimated to pay off the balance over 24 months.  This may not include all fees and charges. Interest and fees are dependent on individual credit assessments. 


The options for select Coogans Credit facilities that may be offered to you are based on individual credit assessments and your personal circumstances,  we strive to offer you the most appropriate facility for you.

Fees and Other Charges

Coogans Basic Credit Facility

  • Monthly fee – $5.00  (No fee charged on zero balance)
  • Annual Fee – $NIL
  • Late Fee – $20.00
  • Paper Statement Fee – $NIL
  • Interest – 25.9%
  • Cash Advance Fee – $20.00  (max cash advance $500)

Coogans Silver Credit Facility

  • Monthly fee – $NIL
  • Annual Fee – $99.00
  • Late Fee – $20.00
  • Paper Statement Fee – $NIL
  • Interest – 21.9%
  • Cash Advance Fee – $20.00  (max cash advance $500)

Coogans Gold Credit Facility

  • Monthly fee – $NIL
  • Annual Fee – $150.00
  • Late Fee – $20.00
  • Paper Statement Fee – $NIL
  • Interest – 19.9%
  • Cash Advance Fee – $20.00  (max cash advance $500)

Coogans Credit - Eligibility

We don’t discriminate against personal circumstance or age, we are happy to consider finance for customers that are self-employed, on a government benefitstudying or with no previous credit history. 


Minimum age of applicant : 18 years, after that, we don’t mind how old you are! 


As long are you are receiving demonstratable income we are happy to consider your application providing you can afford it. 

Credit Rating

Although we look at your credit rating, we take a number of other factors into consideration to be able to offer you the best financial solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend repayments that will have you pay off your purchases over 24 months, although there is absolutely no penalty when paying off your entire balance at any time! Equally you can pay off your account slower when you need to, your minimum repayment is 3% of your closing balance per month.

Interest is calculated daily and applied monthly; you only pay interest on the outstanding balance. 

We have no other charges other than the charges and interest already outlined previously.  

No, unless your circumstances have changed your credit limit will remain until you are ready to use it again and with a zero balance you will pay no interest or monthly fees. You will only need to reapply if you need your credit limit increased. 

No, you do not, the full amount of purchase will be charged to your account, and you will only be required to make the minimum payment by the due date. 

Yes of course you can, we treat everyone as individuals regardless of your income type. 

You can pay by either BPAY, bank transfer, over the phone with a card, come into a Coogans branch or we can set up a direct debit for you. 

We are always here to help, and we understand that sometimes circumstances change, please let us know if your payment will be late to avoid a late fee.